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this is related to my other entry about the stupid ski tax but it has a few interesting peices of info about why this tax should not take place.



Thank you for visiting our site.

Ski Areas of New York, Inc. is the trade association that represents 35 NYS
ski resorts. Based on recent events in Albany we must ask for your help.

New York like the rest of the country is going through tough economic times.
Our Governor is charged with developing a balanced budget.
Unfortunately in his proposed budget he has asked for a 4% State sales tax
on ski lift tickets, lessons, and other recreational activities. Local government can then add another 4% to the tax for a total sales tax of 8%.

We have a very tight time frame to fight this as it will be considered by the
legislature in April. However with the assistance of our loyal skiers and
riders we have defeated a similar proposal in the past. Lift ticket prices in NYS
are usually less than resorts in New England and out west. New York State
resorts have worked hard to give you a quality product complete with ongoing
snowmaking expansions and lift system upgrades. Our resorts are where many
children learn to ski and ride. Our school programs flourish. We are close
to home and affordable.

This tax can easily be expanded to include a County tax which may add an
additional 4% for a total of 8% to your future ticket price.

By using this site you can send an email to our State Representatives that
need to hear from you. Please click the links on the right and tell them how you feel, STOP THE SKI TAX now! Keep New York State Skiing and Riding affordable.

You can make a difference!

Thanks for your support!

Please tell your family and friends to visit this site and support our efforts!


Posted on: January 20, 2009 6:38 am

X Games

Anybody watching this years X Games?  Its a good chance to see real athletes participating in a sport, not the over paid, fat, lazy slobs that are in most of the bigger sports today.
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